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Avicenna Nutraceutical is a Georgia, United States based company with the primary focus on the manufacture and distribution of raw materials with a specific emphasis on our Patent Pending Collagen Type II.  Avicenna is a wholesaler targeting nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide that utilize Collagen Type II to produce their various end products. Additionally, Avicenna will help its customers create a new product line that utilizes Collagen Type II by providing them with the required research & development needed to bring a new product to the marketplace. Avicenna will continue to be in the forefront of research and product development of other natural raw materials.

Who Is Avicenna

Avicenna’s mission is to be recognized globally as one of the few companies to produce Undenatured and Hydrolyzed Collagen raw materials for the sale to Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies domestically and internationally.
Avicenna will hold itself to the highest standards as it supplies third party companies with needed raw material to produce their own proprietary products that focus on better health through the usage of natural raw material.

For centuries, many small cultures around the world have known about the benefits of consuming Collagen as part of their regular diet. This little secret for good health became well known in the west and was studied by researchers who then confirmed what was already known by many and passed down through generations. The benefits of Collagen Type II, which can be found in various public studies dated as far back as the 1960’s include: Supporting the structure & function of joints, those suffering from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases.

Avicenna strives to distinguish itself from its competitors by formulating a product specifically for its customers based on their product need. Avicenna’s Collagen Type II is created under a specific procedure developed with the help of a U.S. university and a PhD Patent attorney with a background in Organic Chemistry & Biology .

Avicenna will work closely with its customers to brand their propriety product and be part of the growing natural health industry. 
Avicenna will expand this market throughout domestically and internationally using Avicenna’s patent pending process and formula, while giving the end users the comfort and confidence to cite Avicenna and the university which developed the procedure of producing Avicenna’s Collagen Type II product.

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